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Questions and Answers

Welcome to Little Saints questions and answers! 

See below for answers to questions that you may have about the Catholic faith. 

The Q&As are sorted into different categories to make it easier to find answers, and will be updated from time to time, so please visit again to see more content!

Please know that it's not always possible to know all the answers when it comes to religion. A lot of faith is a mystery. However, I will try to answer questions in the best possible way.

God and the Trinity

Why did Jesus die for us?

From the very beginning of time, God wanted us to be in relationship with Him. That’s the reason why He made us. But sadly, through original sin we lost that relationship, and people had to sacrifice animals to be connected to Him again. God sent Jesus down to us to become that sacrifice, so we would never need to sacrifice another animal to be close to God. Jesus paid that price so we wouldn’t have to. 


Is it the same God who is in the Old and New Testament?

Yes, The Trinity has always existed from the beginning of time. In the Old Testament, we usually hear, or assume that the “Person” of the Trinity is God the Father, compared to the New Testament where Jesus is the centre of the story. God can come across harsh in the Old Testament, rather than in the New Testament. The reason might be because God gives justice to people according to what they have done. In the Old Testament, there are many stories of wicked people. This is different to the New Testament writings, which for the most part are letters that are written after Jesus had gone to Heaven. Since the Old Testament have more battles and stories of sinful events; in a way it makes sense that God reveals more of His just personality. 

Did Jesus really rise from the dead?

Yes, He did. Believing in the resurrection of Jesus is the centre of the Catholic faith. It can sometimes be hard to believe that someone can be alive again after they die. But we need to remember that God is very different, He can do anything. There is a very special story in the Gospels of a man named Thomas, who didn’t believe that Jesus rose from the dead. Thomas doubted the resurrection because maybe he thought it too big of a miracle to happen. One day Jesus came to Thomas, and He shows Thomas his hands and His side, and lets Thomas touch his wounds. Thomas then believed that Jesus really did rise from the dead. Jesus wants to show us through His resurrection that one day we will also rise from the dead, and hopefully spend new life in Heaven. 

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The Church

What does Person Christi mean?

Persona-Christi is a Catholic term, and it means “In the person of Christ”. This refers to priests during reconciliation, when they listen to our confessions and forgives us. It also refers to priests, bishops and the pope during the consecration of the bread and wine in the Mass. In the Bible, Jesus gave the disciples special powers through the Holy Spirit to be able to speak, and act on behalf of God at special times. Throughout history, popes, bishops, and priests have handed that power down to other church leaders.

Why did Martin Luther leave the Catholic Church? 

At the beginning of the 16th century, many Catholic Church leaders weren’t teaching things that were Christ-centred. Martin Luther, who was a Catholic monk at the time was very angry about the teaching of the faith. He wanted to restore the faith back to how it was taught earlier in time. Martin Luther tried to talk to the Pope, but after the Pope wouldn’t listen to Him, Martin Luther left the Church, and started a new Christian faith. 

What is a parable?

A parable are small stories that Jesus used in the Gospels to help his disciples understand His teachings in a visual way. Parables in the bible help us understand the teachings of God in a relatable and easy way. Some parables include: the parable of the lost sheep, the parable of the good Samaritan and the parable of the wise and foolish builders. Many parables are about the future and the Kingdom of Heaven. Sometimes it's hard to understand what a parable is talking about, however, when we ask the Holy Spirit to help us understand, He will give us understanding. 

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Our Christian Journey

If we suffer, does that mean that God doesn’t love us? 

Whenever we or someone else suffers, it never means that God doesn't love us. No one really knows why people suffer. Even God is very sad when people suffer, but He allows it, maybe to grow us into stronger people, or help us to turn to Him. Sadly no one can really give an answer to why God allows suffering; but always know that He loves you with all of His heart, and He is with you always.

Why is it important to pray? 

Prayer is how we communicate with God; and it is important because God wants to hear from us. Any prayer to God, big or small shows our relationship that we have with Hm. If we don’t prayer to God, we don’t have a relationship with God, and it shows we don’t want a relationship with Him. Prayer is like having a phone call, or sending a text message if it's a prayer written down. It can be as formal or casual as you like, but it must be genuine, (from the heart). 

How can I be a good Christian?

The truth is that no one can be good without God; so the first most important thing we need to do is to pray. Christianity is a religion of relationship with our creator of the universe. Relationship with God is the most important. To show people we are Christians, it’s important to share the love that God has  given you with other people. We can love in all different ways, by serving the poor, helping our friends in need, and being someone who doesn’t judge others. 

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